Rodent Control

Rodent Control

Rodent Control (Ratrap Service)

Rodent causes huge losses to our food, health, clothes and household structures and house itself by ribbling persistently to the doors window, furniture & fixtures, electric & electronics instruments. They causes to our health by transmitting several diseases such as Rat-bite fever, Plague etc.

Dolpphin Facility Management (DFM) specialized RATRAP Service to tackle the Rodent Menace is a effective es IA one Service that includes Inspection, Baiting, Trapping, Proofing and Sanitation measures. Our Pest Control Experts use state of the art materials such as anti-coagulant bait in conjunction with unique designed Roda Box. We use Glue Pads which is hygienic way to stop Rodents from outside.


  • A complete hygienic system to control Rats
  • By using repellent in case of heavy Infestation.
  • Compact designed Roda boxes for outer and in-house use.
  • Deliver complete package to control Rodents throughout the year.

How IT Works

Initially our Expert Technician inspect all the infested area and maintain proper audit report to control Rodents inside and outside application can be used as per the requirement of the site.

Why Select DFM

We provide complete range Pest Control and Rodent Control with latest technologies. We easily approachable anywhere in India. Our Technicians are capable enough with all the techniques and trained to tackle any situation independently.

What we provide

We have vide range of Roda boxes in many sizes like small, medium and large to tackle all types of Rodents. We use metal and wood Roada Boxes to maintain hygienic and uniqueness of our products.

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